Simplify investment management

Automated portfolio rebalancing and risk monitoring
Using innovative technology and intuitive design, RedBlack delivers the most advanced rebalancing and trading platform in the industry. Dynamic and adaptable, RedBlack solutions automate existing workflows and enable you to rebalance and trade the way you want.

Tailor your solution to your workflow and growth
The RedBlack platform consists of a core product that can be customized with a selection of modules, giving you choice and flexibility. Subscribe to only the modules that you need. As your business grows, add additional modules to the fully scalable solution.

Seamless platform integration
The open architecture platform integrates with all the major custodians and brokers and a wide variety of third-party applications. The data is readily accessible and owned by you.

On premises or in the cloud
Installing RedBlack solutions on premises leverages existing IT infrastructure, delivers the best performance, and provides the peace of mind that your data never leaves the office. Updates are downloaded and applied automatically, making the software virtually maintenance free.

Using RedBlack in the cloud is cost-effective and easy: no server to maintain and no software to update. Backup and disaster recovery are automatic and transparent, and the virtual desktop environment makes it seem like you are working on your own computer. Data resides safely in an ultra-secure data center.

User-friendly dashboard:

Everything you need in one centralized place
Choose from a wide range of widgets and customize the solution dashboard by user to meet the specific needs and workflow requirements of each individual.


Design your allocation strategies
Create top-down or bottom-up allocation strategies leveraging security models, asset class models, sleeve models, or customer models. Allocate to mutual funds, bonds, EFTs, derivatives, and other types of securities. Define tolerance bands, equivalents, and substitutions.


Implement your allocation strategies in client portfolios
Rebalance per account, per household, per group, or globally. Rebalance to model, rebalance sleeves, and rebalance specific positions. Automatically compensate for restrictions and minimum trade sizes. Avoid short-term redemptions. Optimize asset location for taxes when rebalancing households, harvest tax losses, and capture gains.

Cash management:

Control cash
Maintain cash levels, exclude cash from rebalancing, and raise cash when required in accounts and households.

Investment policy compliance:

Protect your clients and your firm
Monitor accounts and households for investment policy compliance violations. Check models, current allocations, and proposed allocation against the investment policy during rebalancing.

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