Back Office Connection

Back Office Connection (BOC) is a full-service outsourcing firm that can completely customize and tailor its services to fit your firm. Although they are designed to integrate operations, IT and compliance to optimize efficiency and best practices, you can choose to outsource what you need today and expand over time.

Their Operational Services can include download, reconciliation, reporting, billing, new account set-up, cost basis reconciliation and more. Their IT Services include fully-hosted data and applications, enabling you to operate with only a computer and internet connection.

Their Compliance Services are administrative in nature and enable your Chief Compliance Officer to function at a supervisory level, with BOC providing the skilled assistance they need to maintain your firm’s compliance program. Their Consulting Services and resources are extensive and versatile. They can help you implement technology solutions in Client Relationship Management (CRM), trade implementation, report automation, as well as other special projects.

BOC is a problem solving firm with specific expertise in systems integration, process standardization and creating comprehensive solutions for advisors.

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