Solution Benefits

Short Learning Curve

The intuitive design combined with personalized training provides a quick return on your investment in RedBlack. With insight into your practice, workflow and what drives your rebalancing and trading decisions, we tailor your training to match your requirements.

Reduce Operational Costs

Workflow efficiencies enable you to trade more and manage more money, increasing your margins and growing your business while decreasing operational costs.

Grow Seamlessly

Whether you have millions or billions of dollars in AUM, our modular solution is always a perfect fit. As your needs evolve, the solution automatically scales to meet those needs.

Protect Your Clients and Yourself

With real-time compliance and restriction validation, rest assured that your clients are always invested according to their investment policy statement and other specific needs.

With RedBlack, the time we spend on trading has dropped to less than half of what it was. With the same team, we are now able to serve many more clients. Spencer Henderson. Client Service and Research Associate. Aequitas Investment Advisors.

Boost Operational Efficiencies

Automating rebalancing and trading lets you do more in less time, freeing up time to grow your business.

Improve Performance

You can be confident that your rebalancing and trading strategies are applied properly and promptly to enhance portfolio performance.

Freedom to Take Action

Confidently and quickly respond to market movements. With the ability to direct trades across thousands of portfolios in minutes, the decision to trade is now solely based on strategy. Operational effort is no longer a concern.