Post-Trade Compliance


Trade Reconciliation

Trade Reconciliation

Guarantee accurate trade order fulfillment by reconciling trades sent from RedBlack against next day’s transactions imported from your portfolio management system or directly from all major custodians. Instantly view visual highlights of missing trades, missing transactions, quantity mismatches, price discrepancies, and other reconciliation errors. Document reconciliation decisions using notes.


Trade Order Memorandums

Quickly and easily generate trade order memorandums for individual orders and block trades across thousands of orders. White-label unlimited templates to account for any trading scenario.


Confirmations and Affirmations

Seamlessly manage DTCC confirms and affirms for the various trading parties at the sub-account or omnibus level.


Trade Documentation and Archival

Use notes to document trade decisions on a per trade or per order set basis. Permanently archive all trades created in RedBlack. Search the archive using a wide variety of fields to filter on and build a library of unlimited custom queries to quickly execute searches using frequently used criteria.