Leading Investment Management Solutions

Using innovative technology and intuitive design, RedBlack delivers the most advanced investment management solutions in the industry. Dynamic and adaptable, RedBlack automates your desired workflows for monitoring, pre-trade compliance, rebalancing and trading, order management, and post-trade compliance. Implementing your firm’s unique investment management approach and enabling you to manage it efficiently, accurately and reliably – that is what RedBlack is all about. We make complex simple.

Solution Benefits



Monitor portfolios at the account and household level for drift, cash, compliance violations, and tax opportunities.

Pre-Trade Compliance

Reduce potential compliance violations with different levels of restrictions, pro-active investment policy validation and model tolerance checks.

Rebalancing & Trading

Rebalance accounts and households to model considering cash requirements, legacy positions, tax considerations and more. Execute directed trades.

Order Management & FIX

Manage orders for multiple custodians, setup trade approvals, leverage FIX for straight-thru processing, trade away for best execution.

Post-Trade Compliance

Ensure post-trade compliance with automated trade reconciliation, trade memorandums, confirms & affirms and order archival.

We estimate that RedBlack saves us more than 200 hours a year in portfolio management. Loren Walden, CFA. Founding Partner. Blue Oak Capital.


Workflow Efficiencies

RedBlack solutions streamline your desired workflows for monitoring, rebalancing, pre-trade compliance, trading, order management and post-trade compliance. The dynamic and adaptable platform makes it easy to build in new processes or eliminate old ones, enabling you to continuously improve your investment management workflow. Intuitive user interfaces with alerts, notes, and customizable views provide an immersive experience. As part of training and implementation, our client relationship managers use their experience from working with hundreds of firms to advise on best practices and proven workflows.




Governance is a core component of all RedBlack solutions. Use familiar concepts such as users, roles and permissions to control access to all areas of the application. Establish access controls at a various levels of granularity to suit your firm size, organizational structure and requirements. Take control of compliance, create trust, prevent unauthorized access, audit user activities, and remove the need for manual oversight.



On premise or in the cloud

Installing RedBlack solutions on premises leverages existing IT infrastructure, delivers the best performance, and provides the peace of mind that your data never leaves the office. Updates are downloaded and applied automatically, making the software virtually maintenance free.
Using RedBlack in the cloud is cost-effective and easy: no server to maintain and no software to update. Backup and disaster recovery are automatic and transparent, and the virtual desktop environment makes it seem like you are working on your own computer. Data resides safely in an ultra-secure data center.



Seamless platform integration

RedBlack solutions are based on an open architecture platform and interface with all major custodians and brokers as well as a wide variety of third-party applications. The data is readily accessible and owned by you.
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Tailor your solution to your workflow and growth

The RedBlack core solution can be customized with a selection of modules, giving you choice and flexibility. Subscribe to only the modules that you need. As your business grows, add additional modules and scale your solution to your needs.