Why choose RedBlack?

  • With RedBlack’s unrivalled intuitive solutions and ability to simplify the complex, you will be able to scale your business while decreasing trading and rebalancing time.
  • Our automated rebalancing and trading solutions facilitate compliance with your fiduciary responsibility to treat each client equally and fairly.
  • We listen to you. The majority of features available in our solutions are the result of client requests.

How long does it take to get up and running in RedBlack?

  • Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated relationship manager who is responsible for ensuring the successful implementation of the client’s investment management strategies in RedBlack.
  • Typically, a firm can expect to commit 8 to 20 hours of time over a one- to three-month period to learning about RedBlack and implementing the firm’s strategies.
  • All training is performed online, allowing you to work from your office or home, with minimal interruptions to your business operations.

What does my RedBlack subscription include?

  • A subscription to RedBlack includes a license to the software and free installation, integration, and training.

How often is the RedBlack product updated?

  • Our agile development team releases six to eight major releases per year.  All updates are enhancements to the core functionality of the application and are included through the term of your license.

Contact us for answers to other questions about RedBlack.