About Us

Making Complex Simple

RedBlack is the independent market leader in investment management solutions for rebalancing, trading, order management, trade compliance and FIX integration. Client-driven design, innovative technology, and agile delivery are core to RedBlack’s vision and ensure that our solutions continuously evolve to meet the demands of our clients and the industry. Intuitive software, personalized training, and dedicated support deliver an immediate return on investment.

Our solutions are sought after by asset management firms, wealth managers, registered investment advisors, family offices, brokers, banks and trust companies. It’s easy to know why. We make complex simple.

Learn about the benefits of RedBlack Solutions

RedBlack’s support team was fabulous right from the initial setup. They genuinely take our suggestions to heart. We love that the software now has some of ‘our’ features in it. Kathy S. Williams, CFP, CDFA. Senior Vice President. Waddell & Associates.

Why RedBlack

Partner in your success

At RedBlack, we partner with your team for success. Even before scheduling a demonstration, we strive to gain insight into your practice, your workflow, and your rebalancing and trading decisions. We understand that you have a unique investment management approach, an approach that makes you stand out from your peers, an approach that gives you a competitive advantage. Our goal is to deliver a premium solution that is tailored to your needs.

Adapt to your desired workflow

RedBlack solutions are dynamic, adaptable, and scalable. RedBlack automates your desired workflows for monitoring, rebalancing, pre-trade compliance, trading, order management and post-trade compliance. We implement your firm’s unique investment management approach and enable you to manage it efficiently, accurately and reliably. As your firms grows, RedBlack’s scalable solutions grow with you.

Deliver a proven and immediate ROI

Workflow efficiencies make it effortless to execute your strategies and manage more money, increasing your margins and growing your business while decreasing operational costs. Automating the rebalancing process and timely execution of trades results in improved portfolio performance and a more efficient and profitable business practice. The intuitive design of our solutions combined with personalized training provide a quick return on your investment in RedBlack.


At RedBlack, everything we do is client-centric. Our client relationship managers act as consultants and personalize the training to your needs. When you call for support, you talk to an expert who understands your unique investment management workflow. Our nimble development team works closely with you and other clients to develop new features. All your requests are tracked for future implementation. We release six to eight major updates every year.


RedBlack was founded in 2007 by two investment managers and two IT professionals. Its headquarters are located in Bedford, NH. RedBlack has its own software development office in Kochi, India, where we have a dedicated team of software architects, developers and quality assurance engineers.